You Should Never Consume Grapefruit if You Are Taking Some of These Medications

Regardless of its benefits, you should always be careful when consuming grapefruit, because certain combinations with this fruit may cause some side-effects.

Grapefruit has many health benefits -- it protects heart by reducing bad cholesterol, boosts metabolism, strengthens immunity thanks to its abundance of vitamin C…


However, you should carefully consume this fruit if you take certain medications, because a single grapefruit a day can cause severe reactions with the medications you take.

Be especially careful if you take medicines that decrease cholesterol. According to the report of the FDA, by consuming grapefruit and drugs that decrease cholesterol you increase the risk of diseases that affect kidneys and liver, and weaken your muscles.

And it is not just these medications. The combination with heart disease drugs is also dangerous. Grapefruit reacts with medications prescribed for anxiety, diseases of the central nervous system and urinary tract infections.

Before you consume this delicious fruit, always check for any possible reactions with the medications you take.

Prescriptions usually have warning information about any possible negative reactions with grapefruit, but if there is no such thing on your prescription or if your therapy is short, avoid eating grapefruit during those days.


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