Your Apology Needs To Be As Loud As Your Disrespect Was

Making a mistake makes you a human being. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should make mistakes all the time. That’s inhumane.

Do you say “I’m sorry!” every time you do a bad thing? Unfortunately, people no longer nurture real values, and apologizing is not “in.” So sad! When did things go wrong?

Apologize when you hurt someone. Apologize when you say something bad. Forgiveness is such a wonderful thing. Learn how to apologize and how to forgive. It all starts with you.

Saying “I’m sorry” just to say it means nothing. You need to feel it. Are you even sorry? Your words need to be louder than your disrespect and your mistake.

1. What’s your mistake?

Before you even think of apologizing, think about your mistake. What’s the reason you have to be sorry? You have to realize your mistake. This is the first step towards every apology.

2. Say it

Saying you are sorry is the greatest thing you can do every time you do something terrible. It will show others that you regret your attitude. This words will show others that you feel bad for your mistake. Saying “I’m sorry” without feeling it is wrong.

3. Understand the words

You have to explain the words. You have to know their meaning. The other person needs to know that you are sorry.

Discuss the problem, and talk about the solution. Are you aware of the damage your actions have caused? Yes? Well, the other person has to know that.

4. Did you learn anything? Talk about it!

You addressed the problem? Now it’s time to learn from it. It’s time to rebuild trust. Will the other person trust you ever again?

It’s hard to talk to someone who hurt you. That’s why you need to learn from your mistake and discuss the problem.

5. Acknowledge that you have learned the lesson

Every action has a reaction. There will be consequences. The mistake you made will lead to something else. You won’t get away with another similar mistake.

Give the other person enough time to trust you again. Tell them that you won’t make another mistake.

6. Talk about the ways you will change

Discuss the things you will do to fix the damage. Tell the other person that you will change yourself. Correct your mistakes, and do things better next time.

7. Ask for forgiveness

Say “I’m sorry” and ask for forgiveness. If you don’t get any, you should try harder and do all the things we’ve listed to regain the other person’s trust.

Apologizing is easy, but you need to tell others that you mean it. Your apology won’t mean a thing if you keep making the same mistake over and over again.



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